Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Eyes

Dark green eyes, almost as mysterious as deep brown eyes, are a rare occurance. Most green eyes are a lighter, more translusent shade. They are a rare eye color in humans (only 1.5 percent of the world's population has them) and found, mostly, in Northern and Central Europe as well as Northern Italy and Greece and from those of Celtic and Germanic heritages in other places of the world. However, green eyes are also a natural occurance in people of West and South Asian origin as well as North Africa and India. With that said, they are believed to have originated in in South-Central Europe.

Sub-saharan Africans and those heritage thereof and other Asians can have green eyes if they have white (Caucasian) admixture. However, occurances without such admixture is not usually possible.

Green eyes have been associated with magic and witchcraft for centuries. In the Middle Ages, many green-eyed red-headed women were accused as witches and executed because of their beautiful coloring. It just so happens that there are more green-eyed women than men, and it's been that way throughout history. Since cats were associated with witchcraft and many had piercing green eyes, women with that coloring were thought to have the mark of the devil. We've come along way since then, and green eyes are much more desired than blue eyes in today's world.

Green-Eyed Indian Girl.

Green-Eyed Asian Girl.

Green-Eyed Asian Man.

Green-Eyed Black Girl.

Green-Eyed White European.

Green-Eyed White European II.


  1. I like emerald green eyes.

  2. Green eyes are nice if they're deep green. Most are too light and look gray which is horrible. Green eyed contacts look good on green eyes because it gives them some significance. Green eyes are beautiful if they're really deep green, not gray looking.

  3. Emerald or deep green eyes? Only in fairytales. Green eyes are as bad a grey. They remind me of veins blending into the whites of the eyes. Gross.

  4. I have green eyes but I wear chestnut brown or pure hazel contacts because my green is dull.