Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes came into existence with one individual mutation approximately 6,000 years ago. This special person lived in the Mediterranean or Black Sea Region. Some speculate the modern Near East but evidence points to an Indo-European background so many experts agree that the European Mediterranean or European Black Sea is most likely.

Blue eyes are considered a light eye color. They could be different shades of blue from a very pale, transulsent shade to a deep, rich blue. Some blue eyes appear to shift in color from blue to green to gray. If your eyes tend to do this, look at them in the direct sunlight to show your true eye color.

Blue eyes are most common in Northern and Central Europe with many occurances in Southern Europe and European colonies such as America, Canada and Australia. However, they could be naturally found in the following places: Middle East; North Africa; and Central, West, South and East Asia.

Some Swedes, Norwegians and Finns have Mongol admixture but remarkable blue eyes. This is evident in their features showing their Asian ancestry while their blue-eyed blond coloring resembles the European admixture. Finns - Swedes - the blondest people in the world with the highest Asian DNA of any European area. However, even though blue eyes are found naturally in populations other than European, it's unlikely that Swedes, Norwegians or Finns obtained the blue-eyed gene from anywhere other than Europe.

Sub-saharan Africans and other Asians can have blue eyes as well. However, it's due to Caucasian (European but not necessarily) admixture from both sides of the subject's ancestry for this to occur.

It's important to note that blue eyes are the minority in the world and are drasically continuing to decrease in numbers. It's important to preserve them as it's important to preserve all traits of every race and sub-culture.

Blue-Eyed Swedish Man

Blue-Eyed Swedish Girl

Blue-Eyed Finnish Woman

Blue-Eyed Black Child.

Blue-Eyed Asian Child.

Blue-Eyed Asian Man.

Blue-Eyed Danish Man


  1. Blue eyes are nice but you can't get the same beauty from them that you can from brown eyes. That's my preference. Blue eyes look transparent like you could see through the soul. Brown eyes put you in awe and mystery making you wonder what's behind those eyes.

  2. Swedish people have mongol ancestry? That explains A LOT! I live in minnesota and so many are Scandinavian Swedes and Norwegians and they have a strange look about them. Like slanted blue eyes and flatish faces. That must be from the asian in them.

  3. Deep blue eyes are nice but who has them? Usually blue eyes are dull and lifeless and blend into the face. They would be nice if they were bright. Blue eyed people need contacts to brighten them or they look like crap.

  4. I think blue eyes are beautiful.

  5. Blue eyes are too light and transparent for my taste. I prefer deeper colors and blue offers none.

  6. I have blue eyes and I like them but I prefer brown eyes on the opposite sex. One of my dating criteria is big brown eyes. Hair color doesn't matter. It's all in the eyes.

  7. P.S.

    I might add that not all Swedish people have Mongoloid ancestry. The Queen and Prince of Sweden that were on the brown-eyed list do not have Mongoloid ancestry and are purely Northern European.

  8. I have blue eyes and I don't like them. They are too light and remind me of viens. I dislike any light eye color. I dislike black eyes, too. I love brown eyes in all shades. They are perfect and superior to any other eye color. In my country, the majority of people have blue or grey eyes and so many people wear brown contacts to hide them, especially chestnut and honey brown. Blue eyes would be pretty if they were darker blue but they're all so light, veiny looking. Yuck! Blood vessels are sickening to see.

  9. i love blue eyes i think they're great and really sexy my boyfriend has blue eyes but i have deep chocolate brown eyes and i am so glad i do as much as i love blue eyes i love brown eyes more and i think they are sexier than blue eyes when i visited ireland over the summer there were so many people saying that i was so lucky becuz my skin is so fair and my hair is golden blonde and i have deep brown eyes all kinds of people with blue and gray eyes came over to me telling me this it was crazy and they said brown eyes are really popular in ireland even tho a lot of people dont have them i came home and went on the net to search it and found this site and a lot of other sites saying that brown eyes on white people are in now and blue eyed celebrities are now wearing brown contacts thats cool that i dont have to do that becuz i'm lucky enough to be a brown eyed blonde with fair skin go me

  10. norwegians arent mongols only swedish people are