Friday, July 24, 2009

Black Eyes

For as many years as I've worked in the eye profession, I've heard people say, "there's no such thing as black eyes." That's false, untrue and ridiculous. Of course there are black eyes. And black eye color is the majority in the world. Those of the Sub-saharan African and Asian races (and their shoot-off races that have NO European admixture) possess black eyes.

Black eyes are just that - black. They show no coloring other than pure black. There is no visible brown, gold, red, blue, green, yellow or grey. They do not change according to lighting as they are solid in color. There are no highlights to that coloring. To look into a dark brown eye, you could see visible brown coloring. To look into a dark brown eye, you could see highlights of other colors such as some gold or red specks or a "cherry" tone to the dark brown. To look into a black eye, you see none of that.

Black eyes, although common, are quite pretty. We have sold several pairs of black contacts over the last few months. There's an interest in this coloring. However, many people with black eyes do approach us for all shades of brown and hazel contact lenses.

The only way a white European could have dark eyes is if they are brown, not black. Black eye coloring is preserved for those of African and Asian races only.

Black-Eyed Gentleman

Black-Eyed Woman

Black-Eyed Child


Black-Eyed Girl

Black-Eyed Man


  1. If you do an internet search on google or yahoo, you will see that a lot of people know that black eyes exist. It's really stupid for people to say that black people have brown eyes when real full-blooded black people clearly have black eyes. They are just trying to make them feel better by saying their eyes are brown instead. Why would saying what you see in front of your face be an insult? Why do they feel having black eyes is insulting? It's only insulting to not be proud of what you have. Black people have black eyes and that's fine.

  2. Hell yeah African people have black eyes. Their skin is black. If they didn't have cole black eyes, their eyes would appear like a hazel color. This is because the darker your skin is the lighter your eyes appear to be. So black people HAVE TO have black eyes because if they were brown, they would look really light against their black skin.

    Are people that stupid to say that black people have brown eyes? That sounds stupid.

  3. Black eyes are disturbing.