Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grey Eyes

Even though Grey Eyes are considered a darker shade of blue, they are actually the lightest of all eye colors because they have the least amount of melanin. Looking closely at a grey eye, you could see it's clearly lighter than the average blue. Grey eyes are seen mostly in Northern and Eastern Europe such as Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries and, of course, their descendants.

Grey eyes appear to shift in color between grey, green and blue. This, again, is due to the fact that the grey eye is extremely light and reflects the colors surrounding it.

Grey eyes are of indo-European origins and could only be found naturally in people of European heritage. It is possible for those of Asian and African races to have grey eyes. However, it is due to white admixture marked on both sides of the subject's family ancestry.

Grey Eyes - Black person w/Grey Eyes from white admixture

Grey Eyes - Non-white person w/Grey Eyes from white admixture

Grey Eyes - White gentleman w/Grey Eyes


  1. Gray eye color is the ugliest, worst eye color in the world. It's repulsive. I never hear anyone saying they wish they had gray eyes.

  2. Grey eyes are pretty because they're from Europe and anything from Europe is beautiful.

  3. My eyes are gray and I wear honey brown contacts to deepen them. Gray eyes are terribly silver and transparent. Deep colors like browns are the best.

  4. This is the worst eye color ever. Nobody likes or wants this color! They are so transparent and disgusting that they appear to be veins blending into the whites of your eyes. Cover them up!!!