Friday, July 24, 2009

Brown Eyes

Deep, mysterious, intriguing, hypnotic, enticing, striking and sexy . . . Big, deep brown eyes. Angelina Jolie covers her blue eyes with brown contacts. Davina Requal does the same. Kristin Stewart had to cover her green eyes with chocolate brown contacts every day while filming Twilight. The lucky ones already have them! There is nothing more interesting in terms of eye color than brown eyes.

Brown eyes range in color from light, chestnut, chocolate, honey, golden, amber to dark. Hazel eyes are considered brown eyes as well but they have siginifcant gold and red specks as well as some green specks and some have green circling around the iris. Hazel eyes are brown eyes with a twist that appear to change color according to the lighting. But true brown eyes are a solid color with visible brown (even in dark brown eyes). They may have visible golden and/or red specks, but the color stays solid in all lighting conditions.

Brown eyes originated in Europe. They were the very first mutation for the white race in European coloring, along with light skin tones and brown hair. "Old Europeans" all had brown eyes. Similar looks are today in Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the world's population does not have brown eyes but black eyes. (And yes, there is "such a thing" as black eyes being totally black color with no other visible color whatsoever.) In Europe, brown eyes are dominate in parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Britain. They are considered a real thing of beauty in Ireland where many people have green or blue eyes but wish for chestnut or chocolate brown instead.

Brown eyes are also found in the Middle East, North Africa and South American popluations. However, this is only from white European admixture. It's impossible for an African or Asian to have brown eyes without such admixture as they naturally have black eyes and brown eyes are exclusively European in nature.


Recently, there has been a change with regards to colored contacts. In the eye industry, we call it "brown-eyed desire". When colored contacts first came out, we were bombarded with people wishing to change their brown eye color to green or blue. However, over the last several years, we have been bombarded even harder with people wishing to change their blue, grey or green eye colors to a gorgeous shade of brown. I happen to be one of them. I own a pair of chestnut brown eye contact lenses to cover my dull grey eye color. Even movie stars have picked up on this craze. When asked why, I've received so many answers from wanting a mysterious look to wanting their eyes to stand out more to wanting the depth that brown eyes creates. Brown eyes are also associated with sex appeal, loyalty and sheer excitement. Do a search for brown eyes, and you will find that most people prefer them to any other eye color.

Brown Color Contacts

True Brown Eye

For your Brown Eyes

Brown-Eyed European Girl

Reddish-Brown Eyes

Brown-Eyed Little European Girl

Celebrities of Full European Descent w/Brown Eyes:

Brown-Eyed Stevie Nicks

Brown-Eyed George Clooney

Brown-Eyed Jessica Simpson

Brown-Eyed Elle McPherson

Brown-Eyed Antonio Banderas

Brown-Eyed John Morrison

Brown-Eyed Jeff Corwin

Brown-Eyed Nathan Kress

Brown-Eyed Sara Evans

Brown-Eyed Catherine Zeta-Jones

Brown-Eyed Cindy Crawford

Brown-Eyed Natalie Wood

Brown-Eyed Josh Duamel

Brown-Eyed Rudolf Martin

Brown-Eyed Josh Hutcherson

Brown-Eyed Jaclyn Smith

Brown-Eyed Jennifer Love Hewitt

Brown-Eyed Sandra Bullock

Brown-Eyed Kate Moberly

Brown-Eyed Marie Osmond

Brown-Eyed Donnie Osmond

Brown-Eyed James Doohan

Brown-Eyed Molly Ringwald

Brown-Eyed Ellen Page

Brown-Eyed Sean Connery

Brown-Eyed Lea Thompson

Brown-Eyed Jennifer Garner

Brown-Eyed Susan Lucci

Brown-Eyed Ashton Kutcher

Brown-Eyed Lori Laughlin

Brown-Eyed Miss Norway

Brown-Eyed Lindsey Shaw

Brown-Eyed Jennifer Esposito

Brown-Eyed Diane Lane

Brown-Eyed Mary-Louise Parker

Brown-Eyed Leighton Meester

Brown-Eyed Drake Bell

Brown-Eyed Kate Jackson

Brown-Eyed Qwen Stafani

Brown-Eyed Candace Cameron

Brown-Eyed Lindsay Davenport

Brown-Eyed Katie Holmes

Brown-Eyed Katija Pevec

Brown-Eyed Danielle Panabaker

Brown-Eyed Roddy McDowall

Brown-Eyed Judy Garland

Brown-Eyed Mary Stuart Masterson

Brown-Eyed Emma Watson

Brown-Eyed Chelsea Cooley

Brown-Eyed Jared Padalecki

Brown-Eyed Britney Spears

Brown-Eyed Jamie Lynn Spears

Brown-Eyed Lisa Jakub

Brown-Eyed Princess Victoria (of Sweden)

Brown-Eyed Prince Carl Philip (of Sweden)

Brown-Eyed Queen Sonja (of Norway)

Brown-Eyed Prince Hakon (of Norway)

Brown-Eyed Ari Behn (Danish Member of Royal Family of Norway)

Brown-Eyed Princess Ingrid Alexander (of Norway)

Brown-Eyed Danica McKellar

Brown-Eyed Jim Carrey

Brown-Eyed Rachel Bilson

Brown-Eyed Valerie Bertinelli

Brown-Eyed Alyssa Milano

Brown-Eyed Judy Garland

Brown-Eyed Matthew Lawrence

Brown-Eyed Joey Lawrence

Brown-Eyed Masiela Lusha

Brown-Eyed Chyler Leigh

Brown-Eyed Joan Jett

Brown-Eyed Julia Roberts

Brown-Eyed Minka Kelly

Brown-Eyed Sergio Castellitto

Brown-Eyed Wrestler Steven Borden

Brown-Eyed Jerry Trainor

Brown-Eyed Burt Reynolds

Brown-Eyed Jackie Kennedy

Brown-Eyed Ann Wilson

Brown-Eyed Joyce DeWitt

Brown-Eyed Paul Michael Levesque

Brown-Eyed Kevin Rowland

Brown-Eyed Matt Hardy

Brown-Eyed Brigette Nielson

Brown-Eyed Loni Anderson

Brown-Eyed John Cusack

Brown-Eyed Sally Fields

Brown-Eyed Sandra Bullock

Brown-Eyed Christina Ricci

Brown-Eyed Renate Cerljen (2009 Miss Sweden)

Brown-Eyed Georgia Karabinis

Brown-Eyed Sandra Bergenstrahle

Brown-Eyed Chevy Chase

Brown-Eyed Kristin Davis

Brown-Eyed Brittany Ashton Holmes

Brown-Eyed Sarah Palin

Brown-Eyed Keira Knightly

Brown-Eyed Thomas Sangster

Brown-Eyed Snow White :)

Brown-Eyed Victoria Stilwell

Brown-Eyed Slavena Vatova (Miss Bulgaria)

Brown-Eyed Penelope Cruz

Brown-Eyed Ben Barnes

Brown-Eyed Giovanni Ribisi

Brown-Eyed EurAsian (white admixture)

Brown-Eyed Mixed-Race Woman


  1. Brown eyes rock. Women with big brown eyes have a sexy edge over other women. I prefer brunettes as well.

  2. i have brown eyes and i wouldn't trade them for any other eye color. if blue and green eyes were so great, everyone would wear blue and green contacts. it's as simple as buying them. you don't even need to wear glasses to get them. i won't even date a guy that doesn't have brown eyes because there's no attraction. yeah, i'm that shal-low. everyone tells me i have gorgeous big brown eyes and i want to pass that to my kids some day.

  3. I married a gorgeous Irishman with big brown eyes so my baby would have big brown eyes, too. He does! I love brown eyes. They have a lot of charm, magic and appeal.

  4. This is my eye color and I'm a bit narcassistic so it's the best, hands down. And I'm not just saying that, it is. Brown is the hottest, sexiest color for eyes. The reason I got brown eyes is because I'm hot and sexy. What other color would I have? Look at all these hot, sexy people listed with brown eyes. Now everyone wants them because the contacts are hot, too. Brown-eyed people rule! Brown eyes are superior to any other color! Yeah! Rules!

  5. All these people have gorgeous eyes. Brown eyes are the best. The sexiest people in the world have brown eyes.

  6. yeah but check out the hazel eyed post too some sexy people there

  7. The Saxons had brown hair and eyes. Brown eyes are hot!

  8. I love brown eyes. I love deep eye colors and brown is the deepest. Lighter eye colors are too transparent for me. It's actually disturbing. I have gray eyes but where honey brown contacts to deepen the color.

  9. That actor Rudolf Martin is so hot and sexy. Tall, dark and handsome. You can't get that from a blond blue eyed man. Wow. He looks like prince charming.

  10. All the people on the brown eyed list are gorgeous. Makes me wish I had brown eyes.

  11. P.S. The Queen and Prince of Sweden are purely Northern European ancestry and nothing else. They do NOT have Mongoloid ancestry like some other Swedes do. Swedes with Mongoloid ancestry have slitty blue eyes. You should post pictures of them on your blue-eyed list.

  12. Do you mean Swedes mixed w/Mongol and have some ancestry from them? Not all Swedish people have Mongol ancestry. The ones who tend to have very light skin, hair and eyes w/Mongol features like slanted eyes, flat noses and round faces. Like that bleached blonde chick from ABBA. The Queen of Sweden doesn't have Mongol ancestry. She's 100 percent European. Look at her features. She looks like a German Saxon w/her features and coloring.

  13. she is the princess, not queen

  14. I have blue eyes but I wish I had brown eyes. Where I live, most people have light colored eyes but where brown contacts to get the color depth. I wish I could wear contacts but my eyes are too sensitive. When I see someone with a nice-shaped brown eye, I just stare and stare at them. When I see someone with big blue eyes, I don't stare because the eyes are too light to grab my attention. Brown eyes are the glory color. I agree with the other poster. They are superior to any other color.

  15. i visited ireland with my dad over the summer and so many people had blue or gray eyes but said they wanted brown eyes because of the deep coloring and the contrast against white skin i didn't know about it so i came online to search it and i found this website and a lot of other websites saying that brown eyes on white people are in now and lots of celebrities with blue or gray eyes are wearing brown contacts that makes me feel good becuz my eyes are already brown and big and like my boyfriend says amazing so one less thing i have to worry about i'm one of the lucky ones

  16. You know, every time I see blue eyes, it makes me sick in the stomach. Not a bright blue but a light blue or gray. Like Miss Norway above has gorgeous dark eyes but she's next to that light blue eyed guy and it makes my stomach sick to see his gross eyes that color. I have a huge aversion. It's so damn unappealing. I LOVE WHITE SKIN AGAINST DARK EYES. When I see light blue eyes against white skin, I want to vomit.

  17. There are some damn gorgeous people on that list. I didn't realize how many good looking people had brown eyes. Their eyes stand out. I wish my eyes were brown after seeing this list!! You go girl.

  18. I have green eyes but I wear chestnut brown or pure hazel contacts because my green color is dull. I've tried emerald green contacts but they make my eyes look an unnatural color. I like deep brown eyes. Brown colored contacts are becoming the trend ever since Twilight when Kristin Stewart was told to wear brown contacts instead of her natural green because the character, Bella, had dark brown eyes. It's so pretty with dark brown hair. Everyone has blond hair and blue eyes but brunette hair and deep brown eyes are rare and so pretty.